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Hong Kong’s GDP down 3.4% in Q3 2020

The government reported Q3 2020 GDP being down 3.4% compared with same quarter a year ago and up 3% compared with Q2 2020. Government announcement [Data below updated to Third Quarter Economic Report 2020 , issued on 13 November 2020.] Yoy GDP change, % 2018 Q1   4.6 Q2   3.5 Q3   2.9 Q4   1.2 2019 Q1   0.7 Q2   0.4 Q3  -2.8 Q4  -3.0 2020 Q1  -9.1 Q2  -9.0 Q3  -3.5

Tony Chung charged with secession

As well as being charged with secession under the national security law, Chung also faces two charges of money laundering and one of conspiring to publish seditious materials. Chung was denied bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for 7 January 2021. HKFP

Police to establish national security hot-line

The police announced they would be opening a national security hot-line, probably in November, for members of the public to give information about possible national security threats. SCMP

Tony Chung arrested near US consulate

Police arrested Tony Chung, former convenor of pro-independence group Studentlocalism,near the US Consulate. Local media reported he was intending to ask for asylum in the consulate. HKFP