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Two pro-democracy lawmakers to face charges over protests at LegCo

Eddie Chu barred from standing in village election

Pro-establishment candidate wins West Kowloon by-election


Rebecca Chan: 106,457 votes
Lee Cheuk-yan: 93,047
Frederick Fung: 12,509

Why the pan-democrats lost: Hong Kong Free Press

More than 1.37 million people living below the poverty line

Trial of nine Occupy figures opens

Four years since the Occupy protests, the trial of nine of the movement's organisers starts.

Hong Kong Free Press

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong Free Press (Kong Tsung-gan commentary)

Who's being tried for what (South China Morning Post)

Hong Kong's GDP up 2.9% yoy at end of Q3


Figures for the year to date (%):

Q1   4.6
Q2   3.5
Q3   2.9

Tai Kwun cancels Ma Jian talks at literary festival ...

Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge opens

Formal opening with Xi Jinping - Tuesday, 23 October 2018. South China Morning Post

Opens to traffic - Wednesday, 24 October 2018. South China Morning Post

Lau Siu-lai barred from running in Kowloon West by-election

Financial Times journalist denied journalist visa

Government bans Hong Kong Independence Party

High-speed rail link to Shenzhen opens

Lau Siu-lai says she will run in Legislative Council by-election

Yau Wai-ching opinion piece in the New York Times

Carrie Lam attacks all talk of independence

Hong Kong Independence Pary's Andy Chan Ho-tin speaks at FCC

Hong Kong's GDP up 3.5% yoy at end of Q2

Donald Tsang loses appeal against conviction for misconduct in office

Police recommend banning pro-independence party

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong Free Press


Police handover 700 pages of documents on Hong Kong National Party - HKFP

What crackdown on HKNP means for Hong Kong - SCMP

Record number of financial firms set up in Hong Kong

Legislative Council passes highspeed rail checkpoint scheme

Edward Leung sentenced to six years in jail for rioting

Hong Kong Free Press


Facebook statement by Edward Leung on his trial (posted before his sentence was announced).

Baggio Leung and Yau Wai-ching sentenced to four weeks in jail

Beijing's Liaison Office in Hong Kong indirectly owns more than half the city's bookshops

Demosisto switches strategy from fighting elections to backing social movements

Edward Leung convicted of rioting

Nathan Law resigns as Demosisto chairperson

Hong Hong's GDP up 4.7% yoy at end of Q1


Leaving Guangzhou in the shade - SCMP

Growth for the quarter was subsequently revised down to 4.6%; see Reuters  (10 Aug 2018)

Agnes Chow files petition with High Court challenging her election ban

Democrat Party legislator arrested for snatching phone from civil servant

Whatever happend to Hong Kong's independence movement?

Chief Executive refuses to say if calls for an end to one-party rule in China will not be prosecuted

Most young Hong Konger's don't want to live or work in the mainland - poll

Pro-Beijing groups attack Benny Tai for Hong Kong independence comments



Benny Tai says attacks may be aimed at paving the way for a national security law which includes a ban on discussing Hong Kong independence. Hong Kong Free Press (3 Apr 18).

South China Morning Post editorial on why best way to keep free speech is not to use it (5 Apr 18).

Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow win appeal against jail sentences

Agnes Chow barred from running in Legislative Council by-electionb

Joshua Wong, Raphael Wong jailed over umbrella movement site clearance

On first day of job, new justice secretary apologises for illegal structures at her home