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Comment pieces - September 2019

Jamil Anderlini, Hong Kong’s ‘water revolution’ spins out of control , FT, 2 Sep 19

Anti-totalitarianism march accompanied by clashes across HK island

First tear gas fired around 2.20pm outside Sogo; clashes continued until around 10pm in Wan Chai, later around Mongkok police station. Police report arresting around 100 people. Guardian “ As it happened ”  SCMP Pictures - HKFP

Tamar Park rally to mark 5th anniversary of Umbrella movement

Rally ends early after some protesters confront police; water cannon and tear gas used. HKFP

Carrie Lam says Beijing supports here


Carrie Lam withdraws extradition bill

SCMP What a picture:  

Transcript of Carrie's Lam meeting with businesspeople

Reuters Updated 12 Sep 19, with transcript including Lam's answers to questions: Reuters

Reuters reports Carrie Lam telling businesspeople she would quit if she could

Also reported Lam as saying: “For a chief executive to have caused this huge havoc to Hong Kong is unforgivable.” Reuters