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Video links - December 2019

Newly elected district councillor tells police to back off – via Reddit, 2 December 2019 Lawyers’difficulties seeing people who have been arrested – Now TV, 2 December 2019

Comment pieces - December 2019

The Siege of Carrie Lam – Idle Words, 4 Dec 2019 Frank Pieke, Hong Kong: What’s Next? , 6 Dec 2019 Andy Buschmann, Is Violence in Hong Kong’s Protests Turning off Moderates? ,, 11 Dec 2019 Mary Hui, Who Will Police the Hong Kong Police? , Quartz, 11 Dec 2019 Iain Marlow, Will 2047 Be the End of Hong Kong as We Know It? , Bloomberg, 30 Dec 2019 Alex Massie, Hong Kong faces a growing crisis in 2020 , The Spectator, 31 Dec 2019

Police freeze funds at Spark Alliance

Around HK$70 million frozen. Guardian

Foreign experts resign from IPCC investigation

Wall Street Journal

Court lifts ban on masks again

Court of appeal ruled that the city’s anti-mask law will remain unconstitutional, rejecting a government request to suspend an earlier order. The government’s appeal against that suspension will be heard in January 2020. SCMP / HKFP

Another big CHRF march

Organisers say 800,000 people took part; police say turnout peaked at 183,000. SCMP / Guardian

Two weeks of relative peace end; march in Tsim Sha Tsui; crowd smashes shops and restaurants in Whampoa

Tsim Sha Tsui march RTHK Shops and restaurants smashed in Whampoa RTHK