Hong Kong's GDP down 8.9% in Q1 2020

The government confirmed earlier reports of Q1 2020 GDP being down 8.9% compared with same quarter a year ago and down 5.3% compared with Q4 2019. Reuters

Yoy GDP change, %

Q1   4.6
Q2   3.5
Q3   2.9
Q4   1.2

Q1   0.6
Q2   0.4
Q3  -2.8
Q4  -2.9

Q1  -8.9

HKMAO calls protesters "political virus" which must be eliminated

Statement issued by the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office called protesters a “political virus”. It also said calm would not return to Hong Kong until “poisonous” and “violent” black-clad demonstrators are eliminated. Guardian

Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai among 14 leading opposition figures arrested


 The 14 appear to be:

Jimmy Lai
Martin Lee
Albert Ho
Lee Cheuk-yan
Leung Kwok- hung (‘Long Hair’)
Au Nok-hin
Yeung Sum
*Sin Chung Kai
Cyd Ho Sau-lan
Raphael Wong Ho-ming
*Figo-Chan Ho-wun
Avery Ng Man-yuen
Margaret Ng Ngoi-yee
Richard Tsoi

(One account mentionsJimmy Sham, but I think that's not right.)

Liaison office says its actions don't constitute interference

Office says its is not subject to Basic Law's Article 22 restrictions barring central government departments from interfering in local affairs.

Quarter of retail stores to close by end of 2020

Hong Kong Retail Management Association says 17,200 of 62,400 shops to shut by year-end.
It says 2,000 are expected to close in February to April, 3,200 in May, 6,600 for May-August and 8,600 for September to December.

Liaison office head calls for Hong Kong to introduce national security legislation as soon as possible

Luo Huining made the call in a video clip issued to mark “National Security Education Day”.
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