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Pro-establishment candidate wins West Kowloon by-election


Rebecca Chan: 106,457 votes
Lee Cheuk-yan: 93,047
Frederick Fung: 12,509

Why the pan-democrats lost: Hong Kong Free Press

More than 1.37 million people living below the poverty line

Trial of nine Occupy figures opens

Four years since the Occupy protests, the trial of nine of the movement's organisers starts.

Hong Kong Free Press

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong Free Press (Kong Tsung-gan commentary)

Who's being tried for what (South China Morning Post)

Hong Kong's GDP up 2.9% yoy at end of Q3


Figures for the year to date (%):

Q1   4.6
Q2   3.5
Q3   2.9

Tai Kwun cancels Ma Jian talks at literary festival ...