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Hong Kong's GDP down 2.9% yoy in Q3

Q3 GDP was -2.9% compared with same quarter a year ago and -3.2% from Q2 ( Reuters). Yoy GDP change, % 2018 Q1   4.6 Q2   3.5 Q3   2.9 Q4   1.2 2019 Q1   0.6 Q2   0.4 Q3  -2.9

Comment pieces - October 2019

Martin Purbrick, A Report of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests , Taylor & Francis Online, 14 October 2019 Lawrence Lok, Condemning protest violence in HongKong won’t solve the problem – not when police are part of theproblem , SCMP, 17 October 2019

Joshua Wong barred from standing in District Council election

SCMP / HKFP Reaction from Wong HKFP

Sunday protests start in Tsim Sha Tsui, spread across Kowloon peninsula

In the 21st weekend of unrest, protests began with a rally in Tsim Sha Tsui. After police fired tear gas, etc, the protests spread up Nathan Road to Jordan and Mong Kok and eastwards to Hung Hom and To Kwa Wan. RTHK / Reuters Clashes continued for around 10 hours. RTHK / RTHK

Police secure injunction banning publication of personal details

High court bars people from: – publishing personal information about police officers, including their names, addresses, dates of birth, identity card numbers, social media names, car number plates and photographs of them or their family without their consent.  – “intimidating, molesting, harassing, threatening, pestering or interfering” with police officers or family members. Guardian Follow up (28 Oct 19): “Injunction seems to give police special privileges.” RTHK

Protest held to mark Yuen Long MTR attacks; police fire tear gas, protesters throw petrol bombs

Protest to mark three months since mob attack at Yuen Long MTR station ends with police firing tear gas and protesters throwing petrol bombs. HKFP SCMP

Protests continue with march in Tsim Sha Tsui followed by clashes with police

March in Tsim Sha Tsui followed by clashes between protesters and police across the Kowloon peninsula. HKFP SCMP

Protests against mask ban continue for third day

March on Hong Kong island. March in Kowloon. “Tens of thousands” took part according to SCMP. Banks and other mainland-associated businesses attacked and damaged. PLA barracks in Kowloon Tong issued a warning after protesters shone laser pointers at the building. HKFP and more from HKFP . Photos from HKFP .