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Comment pieces - August 2019

Li Yuan, China’s Soft-Power Fail , New York Times , 20 Aug 19 Ming Ming Chiu, For Hong Kong protesters, the choice is clear: be violent and fail, or use peaceful pressure and succeed , SCMP , 21 Aug 19

Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Andy Chan arrested

Wong arrested for organising, inciting and taking part in an illegal assembly at Wan Chai police headquarters on June 21; Chow for inciting and taking part in the same assembly. Chan was arrested the evening before (Thu, 29 Aug 19), for rioting and assaulting a police officer during a protest at Sheung Shui on 13 Jul 19. SCMP Reuters

Protests continue in Tsuen Wan; police officer fires pistol; water cannon used for first time


Tear gas returns to Kowloon after week of peaceful protests

Tear gas used after march in Kwun Tong. SCMP

Tens of thousands join hands to make a "Hong Kong Way"

Protest marked the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way, when on 23 August 1989 about 2 million people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania formed a 680-kilometre human chain as part of their struggle for independence from the Soviet Union. SCMP YouTube

Video shows police beating handcuffed man in hospital


British consulate staff member detained in China

Simon Cheng, staff member at Britain's consulate in Hong Kong, failed to return to Hong Kong on 8 August. Reuters Update, 21 Aug 19: China confirms it has detained Cheng. Reuters Follow-up: Cheng was released and returned to Hong Kong on Sat, 24 Aug 19. Guardian

Anti-police violence protest at Victoria Park

Organisers claim 1.7 million took part. HKFP

Hong Kong's GDP up 0.4% yoy in Q2

Growth originally stated as 0.5% ( Reuters ), subsequently revised down to 0.4% ( Reuters ). The shrinkage of -0.4% compared with Q1 was subsequently revised to -0.5% ( Reuters ). Yoy GDP change, % 2018 Q1   4.6 Q2   3.5 Q3   2.9 Q4   1.2 2019 Q1   0.6 Q2   0.4 *Updated to reflect revisions.

Cathay Pacific CEO resigns

Also resigning is Paul Loo, chief customer and commercial officer. SCMP Reuters Breaking News commentary implying that China is now deciding what happens at Cathay. Lots of "It looks as if" and "apparent exertions of boardroom influence", though no smoking gun. Reuters follow-up piece , 20 August 2019.

Three men arrested for fireworks attack on protesters

Attack happened two weeks previously, on Wed, 31 Jul 19, at Tin Shui Wai police station. HKFP

Benny Tai granted bail pending appeal

Three months into his 16-month sentence. SCMP

Police tear-gas "Hungry Ghost" protesters in Sham Shui Po

Tear gas fired at protestors who had gathered outside Sham Shui Po police station. RTHK SCMP HKFP

Protests continue at airport for second day

Hong Kong airport cancelled flights for a second day after protesters filled the terminal. During scuffles, one police officer drew his pistol after protesters seized his baton. Reuters   HKFP Protesters detained two mainland men, one for more than three hours, the other for just over half-an-hour. The protesters accused the first man of being an undercover agent from mainland China. They surrounded and held him until police secured his release using pepper spray.  HKFP   SCMP Protesters accused the second man, who was wearing a yellow vest, of pretending to be a journalist. [He was subsequently confirmed as being an employee of China's Global Times media organisation. Mothership .] They bound his hands with plastic ties. He was taken away in an ambulance after being held for more than 30 minutes.  HKFP  SCMP More on protesters detaining two men. China Digital Times  

Men armed with sticks attack protesters in North Point

Attack happened around 8.20pm. AFP HKFP video