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China to introduce security law through NPC

Li Keqiang announced that China would be putting in place laws and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security in Hong Kong.
Change seen in NPC agenda released Thursday, which included an item on improving national security in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong's GDP down 8.9% in Q1 2020

The government confirmed earlier reports of Q1 2020 GDP being down 8.9% compared with same quarter a year ago and down 5.3% compared with Q4 2019. Reuters

Yoy GDP change, %

Q1   4.6
Q2   3.5
Q3   2.9
Q4   1.2

Q1   0.6
Q2   0.4
Q3  -2.8
Q4  -2.9

Q1  -8.9

HKMAO calls protesters "political virus" which must be eliminated

Statement issued by the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office called protesters a “political virus”. It also said calm would not return to Hong Kong until “poisonous” and “violent” black-clad demonstrators are eliminated. Guardian