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Video links - December 2019

Newly elected district councillor tells police to back off – via Reddit, 2 December 2019 Lawyers’difficulties seeing people who have been arrested – Now TV, 2 December 2019

Comment pieces - December 2019

The Siege of Carrie Lam – Idle Words, 4 Dec 2019 Frank Pieke, Hong Kong: What’s Next? , 6 Dec 2019 Andy Buschmann, Is Violence in Hong Kong’s Protests Turning off Moderates? ,, 11 Dec 2019 Mary Hui, Who Will Police the Hong Kong Police? , Quartz, 11 Dec 2019 Iain Marlow, Will 2047 Be the End of Hong Kong as We Know It? , Bloomberg, 30 Dec 2019 Alex Massie, Hong Kong faces a growing crisis in 2020 , The Spectator, 31 Dec 2019

Police freeze funds at Spark Alliance

Around HK$70 million frozen. Guardian

Foreign experts resign from IPCC investigation

Wall Street Journal

Court lifts ban on masks again

Court of appeal ruled that the city’s anti-mask law will remain unconstitutional, rejecting a government request to suspend an earlier order. The government’s appeal against that suspension will be heard in January 2020. SCMP / HKFP

Another big CHRF march

Organisers say 800,000 people took part; police say turnout peaked at 183,000. SCMP / Guardian

Two weeks of relative peace end; march in Tsim Sha Tsui; crowd smashes shops and restaurants in Whampoa

Tsim Sha Tsui march RTHK Shops and restaurants smashed in Whampoa RTHK

Video links - November 2019

Tin Shui Wai , 12 November 19 Polytechnic University , 17 November 2019 (SCMP video) Polytechnic University , 17-18 November 2019 (Stand News video)

Comment pieces - November 2019

Zeynep Tufekci, The Hong Kong Protesters Aren’t Driven by Hope , Atlantic, 12 November 2019

China has set up a Hong Kong crisis command centre in Shenzhen ...

... says Reuters . Reuters also says that Beijing is considering replacing Wang Zhimin, the head of its Liaison Office in Hong Kong.

Pro-democracy candidates sweep district council elections

71.2 per cent turnout rate = 2.94 million people voting. Of the 452 seats, pan-democrats won 347, independents (many of whom are pro-democracy) won 45, and pro-establishment groups won 60. The result lets pro-democrats take control of 17 out of 18 district councils. The Democratic Party was the most successful party, winning 91 of the 99 seats it contested. The Civic Party won 32 seats. The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong won only 21 of the 181 (HKFP)/179 (SCMP) seats it contested. The pro-Beijing Federation of Trade Unions won just four of the 62 seats it contested. HKFP / SCMP

High court suspends mask ban for seven days

SCMP New York Times

Siege of Poly University, 17-18 November

“The Longest Day” – Stand News

Police officer shoots and wounds protester; man set on fire

Shooting happened around 7.15 am on Monday morning in Sai Wan Ho. HKFP Man set on fire later in the day in Ma On Shan. HKFP

Another Saturday of protests

Protests in Victoria Park/Causeway Bay; Chater Garden/Edinburgh Place; Park Lane, Tsim Sha Tsui. Xinhua News Agency building damaged. SCMP / HKFP

Hong Kong's GDP down 2.9% yoy in Q3

Q3 GDP was -2.9% compared with same quarter a year ago and -3.2% from Q2 ( Reuters). Yoy GDP change, % 2018 Q1   4.6 Q2   3.5 Q3   2.9 Q4   1.2 2019 Q1   0.6 Q2   0.4 Q3  -2.9

Comment pieces - October 2019

Martin Purbrick, A Report of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests , Taylor & Francis Online, 14 October 2019 Lawrence Lok, Condemning protest violence in HongKong won’t solve the problem – not when police are part of theproblem , SCMP, 17 October 2019

Joshua Wong barred from standing in District Council election

SCMP / HKFP Reaction from Wong HKFP

Sunday protests start in Tsim Sha Tsui, spread across Kowloon peninsula

In the 21st weekend of unrest, protests began with a rally in Tsim Sha Tsui. After police fired tear gas, etc, the protests spread up Nathan Road to Jordan and Mong Kok and eastwards to Hung Hom and To Kwa Wan. RTHK / Reuters Clashes continued for around 10 hours. RTHK / RTHK

Police secure injunction banning publication of personal details

High court bars people from: – publishing personal information about police officers, including their names, addresses, dates of birth, identity card numbers, social media names, car number plates and photographs of them or their family without their consent.  – “intimidating, molesting, harassing, threatening, pestering or interfering” with police officers or family members. Guardian Follow up (28 Oct 19): “Injunction seems to give police special privileges.” RTHK

Protest held to mark Yuen Long MTR attacks; police fire tear gas, protesters throw petrol bombs

Protest to mark three months since mob attack at Yuen Long MTR station ends with police firing tear gas and protesters throwing petrol bombs. HKFP SCMP

Protests continue with march in Tsim Sha Tsui followed by clashes with police

March in Tsim Sha Tsui followed by clashes between protesters and police across the Kowloon peninsula. HKFP SCMP

Protests against mask ban continue for third day

March on Hong Kong island. March in Kowloon. “Tens of thousands” took part according to SCMP. Banks and other mainland-associated businesses attacked and damaged. PLA barracks in Kowloon Tong issued a warning after protesters shone laser pointers at the building. HKFP and more from HKFP . Photos from HKFP .

Comment pieces - September 2019

Jamil Anderlini, Hong Kong’s ‘water revolution’ spins out of control , FT, 2 Sep 19

Anti-totalitarianism march accompanied by clashes across HK island

First tear gas fired around 2.20pm outside Sogo; clashes continued until around 10pm in Wan Chai, later around Mongkok police station. Police report arresting around 100 people. Guardian “ As it happened ”  SCMP Pictures - HKFP

Tamar Park rally to mark 5th anniversary of Umbrella movement

Rally ends early after some protesters confront police; water cannon and tear gas used. HKFP

Carrie Lam says Beijing supports here


Carrie Lam withdraws extradition bill

SCMP What a picture:  

Transcript of Carrie's Lam meeting with businesspeople

Reuters Updated 12 Sep 19, with transcript including Lam's answers to questions: Reuters

Reuters reports Carrie Lam telling businesspeople she would quit if she could

Also reported Lam as saying: “For a chief executive to have caused this huge havoc to Hong Kong is unforgivable.” Reuters

Comment pieces - August 2019

Li Yuan, China’s Soft-Power Fail , New York Times , 20 Aug 19 Ming Ming Chiu, For Hong Kong protesters, the choice is clear: be violent and fail, or use peaceful pressure and succeed , SCMP , 21 Aug 19

Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Andy Chan arrested

Wong arrested for organising, inciting and taking part in an illegal assembly at Wan Chai police headquarters on June 21; Chow for inciting and taking part in the same assembly. Chan was arrested the evening before (Thu, 29 Aug 19), for rioting and assaulting a police officer during a protest at Sheung Shui on 13 Jul 19. SCMP Reuters

Protests continue in Tsuen Wan; police officer fires pistol; water cannon used for first time


Tear gas returns to Kowloon after week of peaceful protests

Tear gas used after march in Kwun Tong. SCMP

Tens of thousands join hands to make a "Hong Kong Way"

Protest marked the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way, when on 23 August 1989 about 2 million people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania formed a 680-kilometre human chain as part of their struggle for independence from the Soviet Union. SCMP YouTube

Video shows police beating handcuffed man in hospital


British consulate staff member detained in China

Simon Cheng, staff member at Britain's consulate in Hong Kong, failed to return to Hong Kong on 8 August. Reuters Update, 21 Aug 19: China confirms it has detained Cheng. Reuters Follow-up: Cheng was released and returned to Hong Kong on Sat, 24 Aug 19. Guardian

Anti-police violence protest at Victoria Park

Organisers claim 1.7 million took part. HKFP

Hong Kong's GDP up 0.4% yoy in Q2

Growth originally stated as 0.5% ( Reuters ), subsequently revised down to 0.4% ( Reuters ). The shrinkage of -0.4% compared with Q1 was subsequently revised to -0.5% ( Reuters ). Yoy GDP change, % 2018 Q1   4.6 Q2   3.5 Q3   2.9 Q4   1.2 2019 Q1   0.6 Q2   0.4 *Updated to reflect revisions.

Cathay Pacific CEO resigns

Also resigning is Paul Loo, chief customer and commercial officer. SCMP Reuters Breaking News commentary implying that China is now deciding what happens at Cathay. Lots of "It looks as if" and "apparent exertions of boardroom influence", though no smoking gun. Reuters follow-up piece , 20 August 2019.

Three men arrested for fireworks attack on protesters

Attack happened two weeks previously, on Wed, 31 Jul 19, at Tin Shui Wai police station. HKFP

Benny Tai granted bail pending appeal

Three months into his 16-month sentence. SCMP

Police tear-gas "Hungry Ghost" protesters in Sham Shui Po

Tear gas fired at protestors who had gathered outside Sham Shui Po police station. RTHK SCMP HKFP

Protests continue at airport for second day

Hong Kong airport cancelled flights for a second day after protesters filled the terminal. During scuffles, one police officer drew his pistol after protesters seized his baton. Reuters   HKFP Protesters detained two mainland men, one for more than three hours, the other for just over half-an-hour. The protesters accused the first man of being an undercover agent from mainland China. They surrounded and held him until police secured his release using pepper spray.  HKFP   SCMP Protesters accused the second man, who was wearing a yellow vest, of pretending to be a journalist. [He was subsequently confirmed as being an employee of China's Global Times media organisation. Mothership .] They bound his hands with plastic ties. He was taken away in an ambulance after being held for more than 30 minutes.  HKFP  SCMP More on protesters detaining two men. China Digital Times  

Men armed with sticks attack protesters in North Point

Attack happened around 8.20pm. AFP HKFP video

Comment pieces - July 2019

Louisa Lim & Ilaria Maria Sala, It’s as if Hong Kong is now unmoored, so fast have the old ways unravelled, Guardian , 28 July 2019 Christine Loh, Hong Kong has been warned: come together and stop the city’s descent into chaos , SCMP, 30 July 2019

Protesters storm Legislative Council; more than 500,000 march peacefully

Al Jazeera The Guardian SCMP

"Nearly 2 million people" march against extradition law


Protesters cleared with tear gas at LegCo

Reuters South China Morning Post timeline Video

Huge march against extradition law

Organisers claim 1.03 million people took part. Hong Kong Free Press BBC

Hong Kong's GDP up 0.5% yoy in Q1

 Weakest quarterly figure since Q3 2009. Also, Q4 2018 growth revised down to 1.2% from 1.3%. Bloomberg / Reuters Previous quarters: 2018 Q1   4.6 Q2   3.5 Q3   2.9 Q4   1.2

Protest against extradition law

South China Morning Post

Occupy leaders sentenced to jail

Guardian South China Morning Post

Nine Occupy leaders found guilty


Hong Kong's GDP up 3% in 2018; growth of just 1.3% in Q4

Reuters Down from 3.8% in 2017. Q4 figure subsequently revised down to 1.2% (see Reuters ). Quarter by quarter figures: Q1   4.6 Q2   3.5 Q3   2.9 Q4   1.2 [As of 2 May 2019]

Government unveils national anthem law