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Huge march against extradition law

Organisers claim 1.03 million people took part.

Hong Kong Free Press


Hong Kong's GDP up 0.5% yoy in Q1

Weakest quarterly figure since Q3 2009.

Also, Q4 2018 growth revised down to 1.2% from 1.3%.



Previous quarters:

Q1   4.6
Q2   3.5
Q3   2.9
Q4   1.2

Protest against extradition law

Occupy leaders sentenced to jail

Nine Occupy leaders found guilty

Hong Kong's GDP up 3% in 2018; growth of just 1.3% in Q4


Down from 3.8% in 2017.

Q4 figure subsequently revised down to 1.2% (see Reuters).

Quarter by quarter figures:

Q1   4.6
Q2   3.5
Q3   2.9
Q4   1.2

[As of 2 May 2019]

Government unveils national anthem law